DF Aquaculture Capital Limited ("DFAC")

DF Aquaculture Capital Limited is a company dedicated to serve client and joint venture partner needs worldwide. These client/partners seek solutions for sustainable aquaculture. DF Aquaculture Capital (“DFAC”) Limited provides capital, financing, management, structure and training in the high technology sustainable aquaculture industry. DFAC focuses on both sea vegetables (sea lettuce, seaweed, sea asparagus) as well as sea foods (sea cucumber, shrimp, oysters, crab, grouper, tuna, et al).

Food Security

Food security

Providing sustainable and secure supply of sea and fresh water related foods to local and regional economies; and



Many types of sea and fresh water based foods and vegetables can be excellent sources to counter malnutrition.

We are global

DFAC has commenced its expansion to Africa Union, India, Indian Oceans Islands and West Coast Australia. It will base its Headquarters in Mauritius for administration, financing and strategic development. Mauritius offers equi-distance travel between the aforementioned regions, tax and investment efficiencies.


DFAC structure

DF Aquaculture Capital Limited is unique in its structure in that it also acts as a consultant and manager for Recirculating Aquaculture Systems ("RAS") for existing production operations of related companies. Grenada Sustainable Aquaculture Ltd. ("GSA") Is one such company and GSA recently had its ground breaking with attendance by the Prime Minister, other dignitaries and the world press. Antigua Sustainable Aquaculture Ltd. is a government joint venture and that model finds the Government of Antigua contributing cash, land and sea leases as well as duty and tax exemptions.

Sustainable aquaculture

DFAC has direct responsibility for production of sustainable RAS
grown shrimp, grouper, tuna and sea cucumbers for its related companies.